How did the Chivari Chair become so iconic?

How did the Chivari Chair become so iconic?

How did the Chivari Chair become so iconic?

It probably won’t come as a surprise that the Chivari Chair is our most hired product at My Furniture Hire.

But how and why did the Chivari chair become so iconic? 

The Chivari chair is named after the Italian town of Chiavari, a town known for it’s fine furniture craftsmanship. It was here that Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi first created the Chivari chair in 1807. 

Giuseppe set out to design a stylish chair- that was easy to stack, move and store- without sacrificing style or comfort. 

The Chiavari chair was an immediate success, and it quickly became popular among the local aristocracy. It’s elegant design meant it was very popular amongst banquets, parties and social events- and soon, the chair’s popularity spread beyond the borders of Chiavari- and into other parts of Italy and Europe. 

By the mid 19th century- the Chivari chair had become an iconic piece of furniture that was recognised around the world. It has been used in many important events- such as royal weddings, coronations and state dinners. 

Today, the Chivari chair is used amongst many establishments, hotels and venues all around the world. They are the popular choice for weddings and events- and they are available in a range of colours and finishes.

They can easily be customised to fit any style or decor- they look beautiful when you add flowers, bows or other decorations. 

Despite its long history, the Chivari chair remains a timeless piece of furniture that continues to captivate and inspire people around the world.

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